Biodiversity in Burbage

Biodiversity is all around us, in our homes, gardens, streets and green spaces, from tiny ants to the biggest trees.


A daisy
A common daisy

This enormous variety of living things is important to the planet, it enriches our lives, boosts our mental health and well-being, it’s fun to look for and it’s easy to spot.

Biodiversity in Burbage is a ‘crowd science’ project – anyone can help create a shared catalogue of the wild (and tame) life of our community for everyone to use and enjoy. You can join one of our biodiversity trails (see the events page) or you can look for wildlife when you’re out on your own or with your family – it’s a great way to make a walk more interesting for kids. If you spot something anywhere in Burbage and add a record to the free iNaturalist app or website, it will be automatically included.

You can see all the latest observations on our iNaturalist page.