It’s good to see more people adding observations to the project during February, with wildlife and plants around Burbage.


It’s beginning to feel like spring with daffodils opening and blossom appearing on trees, and at wet spots like Brookside Basin the banks of bright yellow lesser celandine are flowering and frogs are spawning.

We haven’t seen much pollinator or insect activity yet but with the warm weather and all the new flowers appearing I’m sure we’ll see more in March.

Don’t forget Biodiversity in Burbage is a crowd science project and you can add to our growing collection of records for Burbage. Just get the free iNaturalist app on your phone and add whatever you see when you’re out and about in Burbage, or come to our first biodiversity trail in April.

You can find out more about iNaturalist and how it works at

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You can see all the latest observations on our iNaturalist page.


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